Electric Protein Shaker

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Introducing your ultimate companion for efficient and hassle-free mixing
of protein shakes. This 650 ml electric shaker is designed to ensure a
smooth blend for your drinks, elevating your fitness routine.

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Athletes and Health Enthusiasts

This automatic cup and shaker series is a game-changer. Key features
include efficient mixing, ensuring no lumps remain with its strong motor
power spinning at 7000rpm for lump-free protein shakes and drinks.
Equipped with a high-performance battery.

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Powerful Mixing Capabilities

it simplifies protein shake preparation, allowing for more workout time.
Made from Tritan (BPA-free) material, it weighs 333g, holds up to 650ml
(22OZ), and measures 3.54"W x 7.72"H, promising durability and
convenience in your fitness journey.

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  • Preparation

    • Ensure the electric protein shaker is clean and dry before use.
    • Charge the shaker according to the manufacturer's instructions, if it requires charging.
    • Add the desired amount of liquid to the shaker first. This could be water, milk, or any other preferred liquid base for your protein shake.
  • Adding Ingredients

    • Once the liquid is in the shaker, add the protein powder or any other supplements you wish to include.
    • Make sure to secure the lid tightly to prevent any leakage during the mixing process.
  • Mixing

    • Activate the electric mixer according to the shaker's instructions. This typically involves pressing a button or flipping a switch.
    • Allow the shaker to mix the ingredients thoroughly for the recommended duration. This usually takes only a few seconds.
    • Once the mixing is complete, turn off the electric mixer and unplug or disengage the shaker from its power source.
    • Open the lid carefully to avoid spills, and enjoy your well-mixed protein shake!